The Spouse Thingy

(click on images for a larger scale picture)

First, you choose the style of pen you would like to make and in which variety of wood you would like it to be; in this case, I am making an Atlas pen.
The pen blank--the wood piece--is cut to the length of the brass tube, and a hole is drilled down the middle of it.

The brass tube is glued inside the pen blank, and the edges are made flush.

With the brass tube now inside the blank, it is now ready to be placed on a mandrel, with bushings to hold it in place on the lathe.

With the blank spinning at roughly 1200 rpm, a rough cut tool is used to round it off.

A finishing tool and a skew chisel are used to finish cutting the blank down to the size of the bushings.

The pen blank is now ready for sanding.

A special soft wax--that has a degree of grit to it--gives the wood blank a smooth finish; a liquid wax is then applied.

The finished blank is now ready for assembly.
A pen vise is usually used to very gently squeeze the parts onto the blank.

The ink refill and spring are inserted into the pen...and this Atlas style pen is finished.