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My wife is actively engaged in fundraising for both the Komen 3 Day Walk for the Cure and the Avon Breast Cancer Walk; if she's not participating as a walker, she's volunteering as a crew member. Having lost friends and family to breast cancer--as well as celebrating those who have beat the disease--I wanted to turn some acrylic into something attractive and useful.

All the proceeds from the sale of these pens will be donated toward fundraising efforts on behalf of these walks; if my wife isn't walking, I will donate to someone else who is.

These are the breast cancer pens I currently have:

breast cancer pens

Each pen in encased in gold-colored trim, with clear stones around the pen, at the top of the pen, and in an affixed ribbon on the clip.

pink swirl BC pen

This pen is a lustrous pink with faded swirls in the acrylic

pink red BC pen

This pen is pink with some red swirls

purple red pink BC pen

This pen is pink, purple and red; it is almost gradient in the way one color moves to the next.

white pink BC pen
This pen is mostly white with pink streaks; it almost looks like candy.

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